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  • Present your technical challenge to the EDGE Automation team.
  • EDGE Automation staff will derive a concept for our customer’s consideration.
  • Our customer offers input and / or approval for the concept.
  • EDGE Automation staff complete a conceptual design.
  • Our customer meets with EDGE Automation staff to review and approve the design solution.
  • EDGE Automation provides our customer with a quote and a project timeline.
  • The customer approves the quote and provides EDGE Automation with a purchase order.
  • EDGE Automation completes a detailed design and begins manufacturing.
  • Upon completion of the manufacture at EDGE Automation facilities, the customer is encouraged to visit our site and approve the equipment’s fit, form and function.
  • The equipment is disassembled and shipped to the customer.
  • EDGE Automation staff reassemble the equipment and test its complete function on site.
  • The customer approves the installation, fit, form and function of their new equipment.
"With a broad range of experience, knowledge and resources, EDGE AUTOMATION is capable of custom design, manufacture and incorporation of our customers needs and requirements. "